weallsendcards.com opportunities

At weallsendcards.com we see ourselves as the "peoples company" aiming to pay 51% of our revenue back to our designers, good causes and entrepreneurs in the form of royalties, commissions and discounts. As we grow we aim to pay out more and more. Become part of our success story where we help provide ongoing monthly incomes to ordinary people and worthy causes. Find out more below...

For customers

Save up to 60p per card compared to other same day dispatch personalised card websites.

There are thousands of cards available from over 100 different designers. Choose from a huge selection of already designed cards, and personalise these inside and out, or even design your own from scratch in minutes using our tools.

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For charities

Contact us for a unique link to our website and your chosen charity will get a donation of 48p every time someone clicks through and buys any of our regular priced cards.

There are no fees, no administration and no commitment. Share your unique link with other supporters and help to raise funds for your chosen charity. We send donations direct to the charity on a quarterly basis (and keep evidence of this too).

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For referrers

As a registered customer we would love it if you would help us grow by introducing others to weallsendcards.com. We would rather pay you to do this, and help you have more disposable income, than pay Facebook and Google and bolster their profits.

For every card anyone you introduce buys, you can earn up to 48p. Not just on their first order, but on every order they make!

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For resellers

Buy a selection of ten or more cards (any designs) at a discounted price, and retail cards to the public, maybe at fayres and fetes, or to family, friends and acquaintances. At least a 30% markup is available.

Buying card credits allow you to personalise the cards for your customers before they are dispatched, and means you do not have to hold specific cards as stock.

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For business builders

Introduce people to weallsendcards.com, exactly the same as you would as a referrer, but get paid based on a segment of customers, rather only those you introduce yourself.

Switch between being a business builder and a referrer. Being a business builders provides the potential to provide an ongoing rising income over time.

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For designers

Our business builders, charities, referrers and resellers market our site and your cards, and earn up to 50p for each card that sells with your design on.

We can print your cards at discounted prices for you to sell as you wish. Special pricing for individual cards and bulk orders when buying your own designs. We can send direct to you or your customers too.

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