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Mr Monty Adams by Lawrence Art Works

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Mr Monty Adams

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Lawrence Art Works Mr Monty Adams   personalised online greeting card

Designed by Lawrence Art Works

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The artist Catherine Lawrence Adams lives with two pure white Turkish Van cats, Lulu and Monty. Lulu has Catherine’s paternal grandfather’s surname and Monty her maternal grandfather’s name. They started their lives in the city in a top flat with trainee holistic healers Amy & Lucy and sometimes Lot Grundy. They were all seemly happy living together but with the exception of Princess Lulu, they were all wondering gypsies at heart and all were secretly and not so secretly longing for travel and adventures. Mr Grundy was the first to set sail and one day he went off with his guitar on his back off to a famous port. This made Monty very sad indeed, as he missed his buddy and the times they had playing them guitars together. So much now Monty would either sit at the kitchen window looking out waiting for Lot to return or try and get down the flat below there he believed Lot was trapped as he could hear lot Grundy singing and playing his guitar. For further installments of ‘the tails of Monty and lulu ‘ please check the other cards in your the series of ‘ Monty &Lulu cards.. many thanks for taking an interest in these beautiful cats. Although it doesn’t say so all profits from this series of cards goes towards there up keep.

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