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Cindy Wider Illustrations

I am the co-founder of a successful online art education business. I feel blessed to have had 25 wonderful years working full time in the art industry; both as an award-winning gallery selling fine artist and an illustrator for hundreds of art instruction manuals. 

More recently I have been creating a series of wonderful children's picture books inspired by my childhood. I grew up in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea where I had little access to technology and nature was my playground. With a very active imagination, I often wrote stories and sent pictures back to my grandparents in Australia. Children's picture books were the only form of entertainment that I had at that time and now as an adult I am compelled to illustrate my own little characters. Welcome to the 'Cuddly Cat' family. These cheeky little kittens get up to all sorts of mischief and they love dressing up, helping out around the home, discovering new things and just generally living an imaginative life.