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Little Liz Happy Art

Personalised Recyclable Online Greeting Cards

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All cards are printed without copyright notices where shown but all artwork is © copyright and must not be copied!
greeting cards by Little Liz Happy Art

Little Liz Happy Art

I love creating pictures that brighten your mood! a bit about me - “I'll be an artist” seemed a totally rational thing to say as a young child who loved drawing. I didn’t do much running about as an asthmatic kid with undiagnosed juvenile myxodema for 8 years. So art was what I did and the artist idea stayed with me. I toyed with it... entering and winning competitions and having a few illustrations published but as life got ever more complex it seemed that art was a hobby and nothing more. I absolutely loved drawing and painting with my kids and I’m sure that that, unbeknown to me at the time, was a stepping stone in the right direction. And when my second husband and I started an awesome animal business together I suddenly became an animal carer /handler /presenter AND a facepainter too! Another little step towards where I am now. We then decided upon a lifestyle change... Oh wow this left a big empty space emotionally, that the animals had filled to overflowing...but it left a spare room too! This was the push I needed. It’s never too late to paint! Art has always been my friend but when I took up my brushes this time . . It was to BE an artist! I took over the spare room as my studio and here I am! Helping homelovers to bring the essence of the outdoors into their beautiful homes with original Happy Art and designing cards for you to send to your loved ones ^__^