Pencil Portrait Cards by Max

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greeting cards by Pencil Portrait Cards by Max

Pencil Portrait Cards by Max

Hi, my name is Maxine, better known as Max. After many years of not putting pencil to paper I decided to reignite this forgotten passion within the last year. To my amazement people liked what I drew and before long I received a request from someone to draw their pet dog... and even better, they offered to pay me to do it.
That’s where this journey started and quickly began to grow. With the constant support of my partner and a life long friend of mine I set up a Facebook page and began  displaying and advertising my Pencil Portraits. The orders have started coming in and the list of happy customers is growing too. I draw portraits of people and animals as gifts for any special occasion! You can find me on Facebook @ilovedrawing67

I was then contacted by a Lady who expressed a liking for my drawings who suggested that I contact  weallsendcards and use my drawings to design greetings cards. So here I am! I hope you like my designs.