We are taking steps to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This means we only have one person working in our print facility at any time. He is doing a great job of getting the cards printed and posted on time, however please remember that Royal Mail are working with reduced staff too, so please allow an extra day or two for delivery. We hope that everyone stays safe during this difficult time.

Intuitive Oils

Personalised Recyclable Online Greeting Cards

1 to 64 of 64 cards

All cards are printed without copyright notices where shown but all artwork is © copyright and must not be copied!
greeting cards by Intuitive Oils

Intuitive Oils

I am based in Kingston-upon- Thames in South West London. I work in a spontaneous style and find that this is a creative outlet for me to express myself and to help me relax. This is truly beneficial as I have a very active and often self-critical mind due to my ADHD. My style and approach to the way I now paint developed as I discovered I was experiencing problems with reading text. My books have now been given away, and painting has become a positive and important part of my day-to-day life. I gain pleasure in the different ways people of all ages react to my work and the way they see things in my paintings that are important to them. My works are untitled until you give them a title, whatever they inspire in you. The choice is yours! My website is www.intuitiveoils.co.uk