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greeting cards by JeBaArts


Hello there lovely people. My name is Jessica Baker (JeBa) and im a self taught artist, a crafter and an all round creative critter :) I love painting with watercolour and my main subjects are natural landscapes with a colourful twist and detailed psychadelic inspired pieces. I dabble and experiment with a lot of different styles and techniques and find a lot of inspiration from nature and the sky. I also do commisions so let me know if there is a certain subject/style you would like and ill do my best to deliver :)

Galaxy sky dock
Bunch of roses
Gerbera bunch
Bunch of roses
Sunset roses
Fluid art 2
Underwater string flowers
Moonlight islands
Galaxy sky mountain landscape on water
Sunny day for boats
Moon offshore landscape
Fluid art 1
Mandala sky
Blue and pink mandala
Rainbow moon
Om mandala
All connected
Red Star Bursts
Fluid Energy Burst
Underwater Space Flowers
Sun Bathing Boats
Rainbow Moon Bathing
Love is the Root
Up to the Light
Mandala Blue
OM Mandala
Through the trees - Rainbow Moon
Looking up to the light
Mandala Om
Mandala infinity
Love is the root
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