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greeting cards by K Sweeting Photography

K Sweeting Photography

Im a 33 year old mother of 2, I have a dream of turning my passion for photography into a little business. I truly appreciate any support, its not just about income, I love that people enjoy seeing my photos. I am originally from Essex, but now live in the beautiful Dumfries and Galloway in south west Scotland, this is where all my wildlife photos are taken. As an artist (sculptor and jewellery maker) I thoroughly enjoy designing these cards for you using my photos, hope you and your loved ones enjoy them too.

Nuts about you

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Mushrooms advice

£2.89 (std) + P&P

The wickerman

£2.89 (std) + P&P


£2.89 (std) + P&P

Blue tit

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Wood pigeon

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Red squirrel drinking

£2.89 (std) + P&P

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