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greeting cards by Kate Collins

Kate Collins

My name is Kate Collins . I have had my paintings printed on cards in the past . I paint In many different mediums including egg tempera and on ceramics and sell through galleries . My ceramics have been shown in the Potteries museum Stoke. I am a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Art and Association of British Naive Artists.

In the Garden

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Walking the dog

£2.99 (std) + P&P


£2.99 (std) + P&P

Trentham Gardens

£2.99 (std) + P&P

In the Wood

£2.99 (std) + P&P

A walk in the garden

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Walking my dog

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Meadow flowers in jug .

£2.99 (A5) + P&P

Humpty in the Forest

£2.99 (A5) + P&P

My home

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Hook a duck

£2.99 (std) + P&P

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