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greeting cards by NatureSpiritCreations


My name is Danielle Paul, I am a midwife of sorts to the Nature Spirit Kingdom, they come to me and ask for form, I am blessed with the ability to give it to them. Each doll is a one of a kind and has a purpose, they have gathered here to discuss working again with humans to help heal the planet and assist with understanding the animal kingdom in ways we have forgotten. There once was a time when we worked side by side and in harmony, this was lost long ago but times are changing and they've decided that Now it is time again to rekindle our relationship. This gathering is called The Circle of Light sit quietly now and see which one wants to connect with you and share their wisdom... Custom Orders Welcome 1-530-388-8310 Many Blessings to you on your journey

Happy St. Patricks Day!
The Golden One
Thinking of you
The Order of Merlins
Circle of Light
Celebratory Gnome
Lord of all the Elven Ones
Sierra Gnome
From all of us
Keeper of Oaks
Ancient Allies Meet
The Gathering
Krystal Keeper of Lone Mountain
spring is in the air
Whimsical Wisdom
Rocky Mountain Faerie
Happy Birthday
Dragonfly magic
More Dragonfly magic
Horse energy
Abundance Gnome
Father Christmas
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