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greeting cards by Her Nibs

Her Nibs

I am Marilyn,although most people call me Maz, I became a designer with wasc near enough from the start.I have always written poetry,since I was 8 or 9 years old writing for family and friends. Later in life I added a few designs, framed my poetry and started selling them. I have also written for an American greeting card company many years ago. I have worked as a manager in various greeting card shops. Sometimes writing personal requests for the customers if they couldn't find a verse or card they liked in the shop. I ended up writing upon request. Then in 2009 I lost my 18 year old son Ryan to brain cancer.He loved to help people,so to keep his memory alive I founded Angel Children along with my daughter Gemma. It is a not for profit organisation where we purchase and supply free of charge, headstones,give financial help and comfort gifts to parents who have lost their children. Funds permitting of course. I joined we all send cards as a way to help me raise much needed funds.As each time one of my cards gets sold 100% of all profits earned goes direct to Angel Children. I create various cards although I started off mainly designing memorial cards.But now I have designed many greeting cards for all occasions. Various people who know me often ask if I can design a personal card especially for them,which I can and do, do, We all send cards enables me to do this,they also print my cards for me,and they can even post direct to my customers.

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Love you a waffle lot
Valentine Love Birds
Just my type
Cheese N'Crackers
Snuggle Monster
Tea and  Biscuits
I love you pig time
Hearts and Flowers Valentine
Cheesy Valentine
You're my cup of tea
I will love you 4 Eva
Love you more
You are awesome
Owl be yours
Bee Mine Honey
Love is.......Togetherness
Pizza my heart
Until the stars stop shining 2
Love Birds
Until the stars stop shining
Valentine You top the lot
Valentine Heart Flowers
You are the highlight in my day
I like you cherry much
You're My Missing Piece
No bunny I like more than you
Corny I know
Mother's Day Giraffe's
Mother's Day Hawaiian Girls
Mother's Day Flowers 2
Mother's Day  Fox
special mum on mother's day
Thank you Daisies ~ Mum
with Love on Mother's Day
Wind me up Let me go
Bears Skiing
Special Granddaughter
With Love at Christmas Daughter
To a dear Daughter at Christmas
Sleeping by the tree
Snowman and Girl
With Love at Christmas Niece
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