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greeting cards by Lawrence Art Works

Lawrence Art Works

I am a fine artist that original art works can be viewed on my website and also on The charity Kingston Environment Centre does many great projects and runs the only environmental radio station in the county if not the world. Each card you purchase from myself will help the volunteers carry on their good works. I work with two models Monty Gabriel Adams and his sister Lulu Lily Lawrence.

lulu lounging
The Train of Thoughts Starts Here
One Line of Thought
Slip Cottage
slip cottage
law radio 📻
Miss Lulu Love
Rohirrim Realms Series III
Deut Void Duet II
Poldark Rock VII
Poldark Rock VIII
Rock Butterfly
Poldark Rock Roc
Poldark Rock V
Poldark Rock IV
Poldark Rock III
Poldark Rock II
The Flora Series - Marigold
Lulu thinking of her three beaus
Lulu Lawrence Morning Lounge
Lady Lulu La La Land
Moments with Monty II
Beau Sky I
Glass-Bug II
Glass Bug
Mr Monty Adams
Monty The Mathematician
Moments With Monty Adams
cow puppet
Seascape II
Cornwallis Skys
Big Sky II
Rock North Cornwall Series
Golden Borderlands
Little Blue Gallery Padstow
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