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greeting cards by Lulu, Bobs & Roo

Lulu, Bobs & Roo

We work hard at Lulu, Bobs & Roo to design and create great products that will put a smile on your face and provide lasting memories. ​ Check out our blogs or find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram for examples of our work and designs. We design all our own products, such as t-shirts, Hoodies and greetings cards and now we have joined We All Send Cards. Last year we lost one of our founding partners to cancer. So now we use our business to raise funds for the charities that helped and supported us along the way. By buying one of our cards you are supporting them too.

Get Well soon soundwave art card

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Bumbershoot Card

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Rainbow Unicorns card

£2.89 (std) | £3.09 (A5) + P&P

Happy Birthday Lollygagging

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Happy Father's Day

£2.89 (std) + P&P

New Baby

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Wedding The New Mr & Mrs

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Happy Birthday Gobemouche

£2.89 (std) + P&P

Wedding New Mr & Mrs

£2.89 (std) + P&P

New Home Stickman

£2.89 (std) + P&P

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