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greeting cards by Jans Art and Soul

Jans Art and Soul

Hello everyone, I am from a tiny place in South Wales called Tondu where I love to paint animals and wildlife. Most of my work is in pastel although I also like to have a dabble with watercolour or acrylic from time to time, and occasionally, even different subjects too. My art is based on realism and I love to create detailed work where my subject almost comes to life on the paper. There is nothing quite like having a pair of eyes looking back at you as you work. This is my bliss ! I do hope you like my collection of cards from my original artworks. To see more of my work come and visit my website:

`The Look`
`Chirpy Cheepers`
`Stop the Cull`
`Eyes of Gold`
`Pretty Kitty`
`On the Lookout`
`Tick Tock`
Tiger in the Snow
Little Field Mouse
The Grey Wolf
On the Prowl
The Poser
Unconditional Love
Patience !
`Hello my Deer`
The Red Squirrel
Kitty Kat
I Spy...
It`s the woluf !
Breaking For Lunch
Hidden Treasure !
Smile Please !
`The Gentle Touch`
Tiger Eyes
Meerkat on Duty
Catch of the Day
`The Kingfisher`
I Don`t Give a Hoot !
`Winter Robin`
Winter Walk
`A Christmas Kiss`
`To the Beach`
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