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greeting cards by SDunlevey Artwork

SDunlevey Artwork

I'd like you to meet Monty, an eternally bemused and puzzled little blue dinosaur. He features on most cards I design, and although he looks a little lonely at the moment, he will have some company soon with new designs coming up! Oh, by the way, my name's Sarah and I'm an aspiring artist/illustrator. I'm self-taught and began my journey 11 years ago when advised not to take art for GCSE.. This lead to a stubborn decision to grow my artistic capabilities through black and white portraits; first in pencil and then later in charcoal. All card designs are my own artwork or photography.

Happy Anniversary!
Father's Day, Pilot
For you
Good luck!
Falling for you
Be Mine
I'm yours...
Balloon and Presents
Portuguese Coast
Portuguese Sunshine
St David's
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