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greeting cards by Wendy Brown Art

Wendy Brown Art

My style of artwork has developed over the years from simply observing everything around me (or maybe I'm just nosey!). I love the colour and detail in traditional children's illustrations and I like to give everything a life of its own with a little bit of a twist. So, if you have fun looking into the detail of my images, and they make you smile, then I've achieved what I set out to do. I grew up in the west of London, but now spend my life in the fresh air of the south coast on the edge of the New Forest, overlooking the Solent.

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Lyme Regis

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Round The Needles

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Stocking the Pantry

£2.99 (std) + P&P

The Sweet Shop

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Beach Cafe

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Hengistbury Head

£2.99 (std) + P&P

The Cobbles, Lymington

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Quay Street, Lymington

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Swanage Bay

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Albert's Veg Plot

£2.99 (std) + P&P

Bedtime Story

£2.99 (std) + P&P


£2.99 (std) + P&P


£2.99 (std) + P&P

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